The Small Bathroom Decor Ideas That Are Taking Over Pinterest!
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The Small Bathroom Decor Ideas That Are Taking Over Pinterest!

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Simple Small Bathroom Decor Ideas can be a big challenge. But don’t worry! With some smart decor ideas, even the tiniest bathroom can feel bigger and brighter. Let’s dive into some simple yet stunning ways to make your Small Bathroom Decor Ideas your new favorite room.

Key Takeaways

  • Use light colors to make the space feel larger.
  • Mirrors can double the sense of space.
  • Choose a glass shower door or no door at all to open up the room.
  • Floating vanities and shelves save space and look modern.
  • Big patterns in wallpaper or tiles can actually make a room feel larger.

Bright and Light Colors

Keep It Light

A small bathroom loves light colors. Think whites, creams, and pastels. They reflect light and make the space feel bigger. A light mint green or soft blue can work wonders.

Or Go Bold with Dark

But hey, dark colors can also be your friend. A deep navy or charcoal can give the illusion of depth. Just make sure your lighting is on point to keep things cozy, not cave-like.

Mirrors and Glass

Mirror a Wall


Why not turn a whole wall into a mirror? It’s like adding a window where there isn’t one. It bounces light and makes the room feel twice as big.

Glass Shower Doors


If you’re redoing your shower, think about a clear glass door. It’s like it’s not even there, making the room look larger.

Smart Storage

Floating Vanity

A vanity that floats above the floor frees up visual space. Plus, it’s easier to clean under.

Shelves Over the Toilet

Umbra Bellwood Over-the-Toilet Storage Shelf

That space above the toilet? Perfect for some shelves. It’s a great spot for towels, baskets, and plants.

Big Patterns

Go Big with Tile

You might think a small bathroom equals small tiles. But big tiles or bold wallpaper patterns can trick the eye and make the space expand.

Creative Ideas

Add a Pop of Color

Even if you stick to neutrals, a pop of color can bring joy to a small space. Think a bright bath mat or colorful hand towels.

Unusual Shapes

Who says everything has to be square? A round mirror or a curved sink can add interest and save space.

Tables of Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Let’s not forget some quick facts. Here’s a table to summarize:

Light ColorsMake space feel open and airy
MirrorsDouble visual space
Glass DoorsOpen up the shower area
Floating VanitiesCreate the illusion of more floor space
Bold PatternsEnlarge the space visually

Continuing with our journey through the world of small bathroom decor ideas, let’s explore more creative ways to maximize your space and infuse it with personality.

Personal Touches

Your Style, Your Way

Your bathroom is personal. So, let’s make it feel like it’s truly yours. Add framed photos, a vase with fresh flowers, or even your favorite piece of art.

DIY Decor

Get crafty! DIY projects like a handmade soap dish or a painted mason jar for your brushes can add a unique touch that’s all you.

Lighting Magic

Bright Ideas

Good lighting can transform a bathroom. Consider wall sconces or a pendant light to add warmth and elegance.

Mood Lighting

Why not add some LED strip lights under your vanity? It’s a great way to add ambiance and make late-night trips to the bathroom safer.

Plant Life


Plants love the humidity of a bathroom. A small potted plant on the vanity or hanging plants can bring life to the room.

Air Plants

No space for pots? Air plants can be placed almost anywhere and they don’t need soil!

And if you’re looking for more reading material, these links will guide you to more tips and tricks:

Accessorize Wisely

Towels and Rugs

Choose towels and rugs that complement your color scheme. They’re easy to change out and can add a fresh look without a big commitment.

Functional Decor

Think soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and towel hooks. These small details can make a big difference.

Tables of Tips

Here’s another quick table with tips to keep in mind:

TipWhy It’s Great
Add PlantsThey purify the air and add a splash of color.
Upgrade LightingIt can change the mood and feel of the space.
AccessorizeSmall changes can have a big impact.

Frequently Asked Questions about Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Where do I put my bike in my tiny apartment?

A stylish wall-mounted bike rack can turn your bike into a piece of art and save space. Consider mounting it horizontally with a wooden rack or vertically in a small nook.

What are your “go-to” sources for freshening up a space on a budget?

Thrift stores, Craigslist, Offer Up, and Facebook Marketplace are great for finding deals. Budget-friendly stores like Ikea, Urban Outfitters, H&M, World Market, Wayfair, Target, and Amazon offer stylish decor without breaking the bank.

How much should I invest in home renovations?

The cost varies widely depending on the project. For example, a new roof might cost around $9,000, while a living room and dining room makeover could be around $4,500. It’s best to budget according to your needs and the condition of your space.

How do we add that “wow factor” to a room?

Mixing prints and patterns, using unexpected scale with large mirrors or statement plants, and dark paint for an accent wall can add drama and interest to your space.

How do you carve out personal spaces in a small house?

Respecting closed doors and taking time for personal activities like a bath or a walk can help. Having designated areas or times for solitude is key.

Where do you store all your camping and activity gear in a tiny house?

Creative solutions like building storage seating, using a storage bed, or utilizing a shed can help keep gear organized and out of the way.

Should attic bedrooms with sloped ceilings be dark or light?

Bright white and airy designs are often preferred for attic bedrooms to make them feel more spacious and open.

How do I make a DIY frame?

There are many tutorials online for making DIY frames, from floating canvas frames to leather picture frames. Choose one that suits your style and skill level.

How to manage storage in a smaller house?

Utilizing furniture with built-in storage, maximizing wall space with shelves, and finding dual-purpose items are effective ways to increase storage in small spaces.

These questions and answers can guide you in making the most of your small bathroom space with style and functionality.

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